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Florida Tile & Thinset Removal FAQ Call Now 407-442-8937


Do you remove thinset?
Yes we remove tile and thin set. If you have removed your ceramic, porcelain or saltillo tiles and only need thin set removal we can handle that too. Ask for a thinset removal free estimate.

Is there a lot of dust when removal tile?
Absolutely not. Not only is our service fast but it is also very close to being dust free tile removal. That is one thing that sets us apart from our "competition" in that we have invested in learning techniques and practices to virtually eliminate all dust. We don't call it "dust free tile removal" like some of these guys with the 100k in vacuums... we use techniques to almost eliminate the creation of the dust... and we use vacuums... but we just call it low dust tile removal!

How much does it cost to remove my floor tile?
We bring all of our tools and equipment to remove your tile and thinset. We'll also haul the debris away if there is not a dumpster onsite. Our price is by the square foot of area surface removal. Please add up your total square footage (or a best guess estimate) and contact us for a Free Tile Removal Estimate.

Do you require a deposit?
We require 40% at the time we arrive at your property for your scheduled appointment with our equipment and trailer to begin your project. The balance is due immediately upon completion

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check or plastic.

Do you also install tile?
No, but from being in the field I have a short list of reputable installers who do great work. Ask for an installer referral!

What is my next step? I have received your estimate and would like this service handled.

Simply let us know, we'll set a date and time to meet at the house, and we'll remove your tile fast, friendly and efficiently!